Virtual Nutritional Counselling 
In light of COVID-19, we know how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy lifestyle! Our nutritionist Ara Wiseman, with over 20 years of experience has a practice focused on healthy living, meal planning and easy weight management solutions. To schedule an appointment click below:
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One-on-one virtual nutritional sessions​
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Specific CKD meal plans
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Appointments are $80.00 for a 1 hour virtual session with Ara Wiseman. Pricing also varies based on nutrition program packages.

Herb Valenzuela

Ara helped show me alternative foods and meal plans for a more healthy lifestyle and easting habits with my fatty liver condition. I am now feeling much better and have lost almost 20lbs!

Jessica Stevenson

Ara has been a dream nutritionist! She helped me and my dad with meal plans for our gluten intolerance. She recommended way better options then what you can find on google.

Mina Abdul

She has helped me to maintain my dream weight through custom meal planning including supplements, herbal teas, and other meal recipes. Providing online sessions easy and effortless!

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