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Updated: May 8

We all want to keep our children safe and healthy, and speaking from experience it can be hard to manage simple concerns when you don't have easy access to paediatric care.

Recently my son started having gastro pains that persisted for a few days. I tried simple remedies but it was getting worse and so we were able to connect with one of our reliable paediatric doctors within a few days. We got something to help soothe his stomach cramping and manage the pain. The whole process was easy and effortless!

Where can our Paediatrician help?

When it comes to general and specific paediatric care, we are able to conduct video consultations for a wide range of concerns:

Paediatric & Adolescent Care

Mental Health Counselling

Respiratory Allergy and asthma

ADHD and Learning Disabilities

Behavioral and Developmental

Pediatric Skin and Acne

Eating Disorders

Children and youth mental health conditions

Newborns feeding difficulties and FTT

Constipation and functional abdominal pain

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