Virtual Care by Telemed Innovations

Updated: May 8

Dear Ontarionians

We hope that you are all doing your best to manage the current COVID-19 pandemic. With the government now enforcing social distancing we want to do our part to help promote easy and accessible health care solutions virtually to improve your way of living.

With our Telehealth team of general practitioners and specialists, many of your primary and secondary medical concerns can be advised from the comfort of your home! Through phone and video consultations seeking medical advise is convenient and accessible.

How to Speak to a Doctor?

Its simple, call 1(888) 350 - 2323 and speak to our team of medical office assistants and nurses. We will take down some information, figure out how to reach you incase we need yo and then schedule you an appointment with one of our male or female general practitioners. You can also book an appointment at our website

Specialist Available:




General Internist

Psychiatry (Adult & Child)

Nutritional Counselling

Telehealth is OHIP and non-OHIP covered and is here to stay! We want to help you get the most out of the service for such concerns as:

  1. Medication refills

  2. Specialist referral

  3. Doctors notes and specialty forms

  4. Blood requisitions and follow ups

  5. Both Adult and Child mental health care

Thank you and stay safe #Telehealth #COVID19support


Contact Us

Please call 911 if it is an emergency

Phone Lines Open 7 Days/Week

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